Gold Basketball Shoes

The pure gold footwear designed just for your feet give you an incredibly regal look. Besides being lightweight and comfortable, they also provide an exceptional grip during action on the basketball court. So play the field, and the game with this incredibly royal footwear meant for all the basketball biggies!

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Gold Ballet Shoes

The essence of ballet lies considerably in minute footwork and that requires comfortable, flexible ballet shoes that fit like a glove- and that is exactly what you will find here! Browse through these glamorous golden ballet shoes that will make you feel like a queen the moment you slip your feet into them. The gold ballet flats are available with and without bows, as well as with soft and hard soles. Off the stage, the shoes will also make for great party wear. Pair it with a red dress for a feminine look. You can also team it with black skinny jeans and an off-shoulder golden top for an uber-smart look.

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Gold Soccer Shoes

As though football itself as a sport wasn’t magnificent enough, a pair of regal golden shoes with a snug fit further add to the grandeur of the player, the game, as well as the field. The eye-catching golden boots in irresistible designs make the player feel like he is running in molten gold molded especially for his feet alone. The soccer masterpieces created to pamper the athletic foot as well as the fashionista are available both with and without cleats. They are incredibly light and comfortable, which immeasurably enhances the pleasure of playing. Continue reading “Gold Soccer Shoes”