Glitter Wedding Shoes

Glitter shoes have always been a fascinating option for brides and bridesmaids. From traditional shades like gold and ivory to peppy shades like red and purple glitter shoes are designed with such vibrant hues for an even more attractive look. So, if you have the special day coming up soon, you must go through the following list.  Continue reading “Glitter Wedding Shoes”

Cinderella Wedding Shoes

A fairytale wedding requires princess-like outfits inclusive of shoes and accessories. Cinderella, being one of the most famous characters of all time, has been a recurring wedding theme for girls. So, for them who aspire to be a Cinderella bride in their upcoming special days, must try out wedding shoes exclusively made for this purpose.  Continue reading “Cinderella Wedding Shoes”

Yellow Wedding Shoes

Yellow wedding shoes have a freshness that brides imbibe on their special day. But not only brides, these peppy shoes are for bridesmaids as well. See the entire list that has three divisions based on their heels. While high heels are for women who can walk comfortably in them, wedges and flats are for women who prefer comfort more than style.  Continue reading “Yellow Wedding Shoes”

Orange Wedding Shoes

Who says the wedding attire has to be an all- white one? Go against all wedding conventions and add a dash of tangerine to your wedding garb with these orange bridal shoes and bridesmaids shoes.  The eye-catching shoes are available in covered and peep toes, big and small heels, as well as myriad materials and designs. The pop of apricot in your attire will set you apart from the run-of-the-mill bride and win the hearts of everyone who lays their eyes on you.

Continue reading “Orange Wedding Shoes”

Strappy Wedding Shoes

There is rarely a footwear that is noticeably more sleek and practical for weddings than the strappy shoes. While the wedding styles such as floral embroidery, intricate net-based designs, the soothing colors, metal ornamentation, white stones, modest white high straps, etc make it befitting for the occasion, the functional straps snugly hold your feet in place on the D-Day. With the concoction of comfort, beauty, and practicality, these amazing strappy shoes are the ideal choice for the big day, for you can now take your vows in style right from top to toe! Continue reading “Strappy Wedding Shoes”